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Introducing our Xmini Diffuser, a perfect blend of elegance and cutting-edge technology. Designed to create an enchanting ambiance, this compact diffuser is smaller than your hand, making it incredibly versatile for both household and commercial use.


Effortlessly enhance any space with its powerful fragrance diffusion ability. AirScent Xmini Diffuser utilizes advanced atomization technology to disperse a fine mist of your favorite scents, filling the air with a captivating fragrance that lingers for hours.


Its aesthetic and technologically advanced design effortlessly complements any décor, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. Made with a composite PP material, it ensures durability and longevity, guaranteeing years of delightful fragrance experiences.


But that's not all - Xmini is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected with AirScent App, allowing you to control and customize your fragrance experience from the convenience of your smartphone.


Whether you choose to place it on a wall or any desired surface, Xmini Diffuser's easy wall-mount feature makes installation a breeze. Simply find the perfect spot, and let the diffuser work its magic, transforming your space into a haven of tranquility and delight.


Experience the perfect fusion of style, convenience, and technology with AirScent Diffuser machines. Elevate your senses, indulge in captivating fragrances, and create an ambiance that leaves a lasting impression.

Model: Xmini
Size: 115*158*62mm
Capacity: 130mL
Coverage: 100m2
Voltage: DC5V
Power: 5W
Install: Table/Wall-mount
Color: White


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Frequently asked questions

How does the diffusermachine work?

Airscent diffuser machines function by releasing scents as fine mists throughout the air. The oils are dispersed through the fragrance machine using a built-in fan or ultrasonic technology. This creates a pleasant, long-lasting aroma that completely fills your interior space.

How long does the fragrance oil bottle last?

Most of our 500ml fragrance bottles last 4-6 weeks, depending on the setting.

This can vary depending on factors you set within the Airscent mobile app, including fragrance intensity and frequency of use.

Does the machine have a warranty?

Yes, all of our fragrance machines come with a 1-year warranty. We stand behind the quality and performance of our products. We will happily assist you with repairs or replacements if issues arise within the warranty period.

Do you offer rentals for businesses?

Absolutely! We understand the needs of businesses, so we offer a 24-month leasing option for our machines. This allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of our fragrance solutions without the upfront cost of purchasing the machines or dealing with maintenance.

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Can we break the contract?

If circumstances arise, you can break a leasing contract with us with one month's written notice.

Are the diffusers safe for children and pets?

Yes, our diffusers are designed to be safe for both children and pets. Our fragrance oils are made from high-quality, non-toxic ingredients and are specifically formulated to be gentle and safe for everyone in the household. We always suggest watching children and pets around our diffusers just as you would with any other household appliance for safety.

Do we need to mix water with the AIRSCENT Aroma oil?

No water is needed just Pour it straight into the diffuser bottle.

Experience the power of Airscent

Enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of any space, whether commercial or residential

Choose from a variety of scent delivery models to create a personalized and intelligent experience

Utilize equipment that atomizes essential oils for an elevated fragrance creation, resulting in a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere for your customers or guests.

Range of Luxury Fragrances

Experience luxury like never before with our exclusive range of fragrances for your machine. Immerse yourself in captivating scents crafted from the finest ingredients. Elevate your senses and indulge in an enchanting olfactory journey with our curated collection.


“Our home smells amazing! Thanks to airscent so much💓 and the refill has not even run out so much longer than expected . The ap on your phone is helpful and easy to use. Highly recommend 👌”

Lou Pascucci

“The most exceptional customer service!
My wife and I were looking for a particular scent for our home and business. Airscent was able to provide us with many various scent samples as well as being able to source the exact scent we wanted. They were professional, friendly and efficient and the product is amazing! The scent is luxurious and long lasting and our customers comment on the scent when they walk in. We are very happy and highly recommend.”


We finally have our home & office smelling amazing with their Aroma oil we picked for our machines. Machines are WOW and only got better operating the machine from our phones. The process was so easy from the start and even the team delivered and installed our 4 machines. If you don’t have one what are you waiting for.

Jason Michael

“So glad I finally got the scent I’ve always been wanting for my home. Every time I walk into Crown Sydney I am obsessed with the scent and now I can finally have it at home. Looking forward to ordering my studio the same scent. Great work team.
Professional is an understatement. Highly recommended.”

Justin Thomas

“I have been eyeing off Airscent for a while and finally made the purchase and it is by far the best investment I made for my home. The fragrance is absolutely amazing and the packaging looks beautiful. I have already placed another order for my office.”

Jen Rose Shenouda

“Thanks to Airscent my home always smells amazing, and I’ve gotten so many compliments! Highly recommend !!!.”

Wendy Odisho

Complete Control

Controlling your fragrance machine through a mobile app is effortless and convenient. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily adjust the fragrance intensity and duration, schedule automatic releases, and personalise your scent profiles. The app provides a seamless control experience, making managing your fragrance machine a breeze.

Companies enjoying Airscent

Pet-Friendly Fragrance Machines

Our pet-friendly fragrance machines provide a comforting environment that prioritises the well-being of your beloved pets. With their unique design and specially curated features, these machines create a soothing ambiance while ensuring the safety and happiness of your furry companions. Carefully selected to be pet-friendly, the fragrances emitted are gentle and non-toxic, allowing your pets to enjoy a stress-free atmosphere. Whether it's reducing anxiety or eliminating odors, our pet-friendly fragrance machines are the perfect addition to your home, creating a welcoming haven for both you and your pets. Experience a harmonious blend of convenience and pet-friendly technology with our fragrance machines.

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